Sense and Sensuality

A note to self and to the boy, on intimacy and vulnerability

“My name sounds so good french kissing your tongue”

Rupi Kaur felt things. She went through the hurting, she went through the loving, she went through the breaking and finally, she felt the healing. They are motions I know all too well. They etch themselves into my skin and make their way into my bones. They creep their way into my veins and bleed into my mind, dripping into my soul. But here, we feel Kaur’s sensuality and through hers, our own. Continue reading “Sense and Sensuality”


Life Lessons from “The Alchemist”

“It’s the simple things in life that are the most extraordinary”

Sometimes you don’t know you’re looking for something until you find it. This was how I felt after reading The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. I initially rejected the recommendation of this book after reading a couple pages and not connecting with it, but I eventually decided to give it another chance when my mother persisted. I figured if Macklemore raps about it, Bill Clinton read it and Madonna raves about it, it must be something special. Continue reading “Life Lessons from “The Alchemist””