Sense and Sensuality

A note to self and to the boy, on intimacy and vulnerability

“My name sounds so good french kissing your tongue”

Rupi Kaur felt things. She went through the hurting, she went through the loving, she went through the breaking and finally, she felt the healing. They are motions I know all too well. They etch themselves into my skin and make their way into my bones. They creep their way into my veins and bleed into my mind, dripping into my soul. But here, we feel Kaur’s sensuality and through hers, our own. Continue reading “Sense and Sensuality”


Couch Sessions

Sitting on the couch around the coffee table, having a laugh with friends is one of my favourite things to do. What that turns a good card playing, couch session into a special treat, however, is undoubtedly the background tunes that accompany some hearty laughter. Here are great some tunes by some cool people for you to enjoy with your favourite people. Continue reading “Couch Sessions”

Talking Truth with Trantraal

Nathan Trantraal speaks fast, without second-guessing anything taboo. He spews out swear words as naturally as his hands fidget – fast and without mulling over the movements. “I like to find the worst in people; the part that gets angry. That’s where the dignity lies,” he affirms. Continue reading “Talking Truth with Trantraal”

Life Lessons from “The Alchemist”

“It’s the simple things in life that are the most extraordinary”

Sometimes you don’t know you’re looking for something until you find it. This was how I felt after reading The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. I initially rejected the recommendation of this book after reading a couple pages and not connecting with it, but I eventually decided to give it another chance when my mother persisted. I figured if Macklemore raps about it, Bill Clinton read it and Madonna raves about it, it must be something special. Continue reading “Life Lessons from “The Alchemist””

Playing around with Plants

In 2017, plants are still a trending addition to the home, to social media walls and basically everywhere else you look. People are becoming more creative with plant photography, often using colorful walls to contrast the vast hues of the plants colour with the chosen background. I wish I could say I owned many house plants before it became a thing, but I must admit I am guilty to falling into the craze of the plant trend. I’m absolutely obsessed with these colour combinations! None of these photos below are mine, but aren’t they just so visually appealing? What’s your take on the plant craze – is it a fad that will die out or a trend that’s here to stay?

(Disclaimer: none of these photographs were taken by me)

Reviewing “The Glass Castle”

“I had broken one of our unspoken rules: we were all supposed to pretend our life was one long and incredibly fun adventure.”

Jeanette Walls’s New York Times bestselling memoir The Glass Castle is an extraordinary tale of resilience and reclamation, looking into a family both deeply dysfunctional and uniquely exhilarating. Continue reading “Reviewing “The Glass Castle””

On #MenAreTrash

men are trash
Art by Ellen Heydenrych

Dear Men

“Primum non nocere: First, do no harm”.

When the Hippocratic Oath encourages this, I don’t think it is ever meant to be an easy motto to live by. Within us all – female, male, transgender, gender fluid – is the potential to harm. When we say that you are trash, we don’t mean that every man we’ve met has hurt us individually; physically or emotionally. What we mean is that in you, is the potential to harm. Paired with your inherited patriarchy, your male privilege and the normalised violating behaviours that you’ve learned and thus perform uncritically, the threat of harm you can and do cause, is elevated. Continue reading “On #MenAreTrash”

On Fear and Courage

“And here you are living, despite it all”

– Rupi Kaur

Dear Fear

I’ve been making a list of things they don’t teach you at school. They don’t teach you how to love somebody. They don’t teach you how to be famous. They don’t teach you how to be rich or how to be poor. They don’t teach you how to walk away from someone you don’t love any longer. They don’t teach you how to know what’s going on in someone else’s mind. They don’t teach you what to say to someone who’s dying. They don’t teach you anything worth knowing. Continue reading “On Fear and Courage”

A Letter to Change

“Edit your life frequently and ruthlessly. It’s your masterpiece after all.”

– Nathan Morris –

Dear Change

I’ve always enjoyed a good letter so here I am, 23:57 on a Sunday evening, writing a letter to you. You’re exciting but daunting and always pop in when it’s least expected but you’re here now so I’m going to try my best to get to know you again. Continue reading “A Letter to Change”